CLEEN 2017

5th International Workshop on Cloud Technologies and Energy Efficiency in Mobile Communication Networks (CLEEN 2017)

Date: June 22, 2017
Location: Turin, Italy

Overview and Objectives

The workshop focused on innovative solutions for creating more flexible and centralized radio access networks using cloud computing. Utilizing open IT platforms, network functions virtualization, and Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC), the event aimed to shape the future of 5G systems with a focus on long-term energy and cost efficiency.

Event Agenda Summary

The event was structured into three main sessions:

  1. Morning Session:
    • Included registration, opening remarks, and two keynotes. Topics covered ranged from innovative systems in the AEIT to how mobile edge cloud and network slicing can benefit vertical industries.
  2. Technical Sessions:
    • The first focused on advanced network technologies, examining topics like 5G packet forwarding and scalability in coordinated scheduling.
    • The second delved into advanced radio technologies, including analog cancellation techniques and mm-Wave receiver design.
  3. Afternoon Session:
    • Featured a third keynote on the integration of millimeter-wave and mobile edge computing in 5G.
    • The final technical session explored strategies for optimizing energy efficiency in mobile networks.
    • A panel discussion and closing remarks concluded the workshop.